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Name:circuitsTremor ♐ Equius Zahhak
Birthdate:Dec 11

Deeply emotional and sensitive, the Dog/Cancer, represented by water and metal, has a soul of purest old gold. Cancers do suffer more than their share of sentimental chagrin. Dogs are not exactly towers of might and strength. The Cancerian born in a Dog year will be self-sacrificing for family, job, and country. He wants to believe in good, but something tells him that there's a lot of bad out there. If not encouraged to go and see for himself, the Dog born in Cancer may in hermit fashion hole up and allow the victories that are rightfully his to be won by one less worthy. As a parent, he will excel. In love, the Dog/Cancer will recognize his talents. In war, he will feel too sorry for his enemy to really destroy him. He'd rather reason out conflicts than be obliged to use force. However, don't be fooled by his sweetness. There is a well-controlled temper in there. Don't tempt him to use it.

-- Suzanne White

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